Lena Dunham Fires Up Haters by Explaining Why She Thinks So Many People Hate Her
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"Lena Dunham is a perfect example of what growing up in privilege and never bothering to expand your field of vision does to a person," a critic pointed out. "Self-absorbed, narcissistic, only concerned with attention, good or bad."

Lena Dunham is facing a fresh batch of backlash Monday morning after trying to explain in a new interview why she thinks she has faced so much backlash throughout her career.

Her name started trending on Twitter after The Cut published its profile of the "Girls" star and creator on Sunday. While many were praising the quality of the piece written by Allison P. Davis, others were busy bashing Dunham -- who most recently co-created freshman HBO comedy series "Camping" -- for the following paragraph summing up why she thinks she is largely despised.

Dunham lists the reasons for the hate —- with her explanations for why she is the way she is -- as if she were reciting a poem imprinted on her brain in grade school: She grew up privileged in New York, which led to what people perceive as a sense of entitlement. Her parents are Soho art-scene royalty, and she was raised around “very specific, liberal provocateurs,” who taught her she could say things that “might now warrant a trigger warning,” which informs her sense of humor. (For instance: the joke she made on her podcast, Women of the Hour, about never having had an abortion but wishing she had.) Race is a chronic blind spot for her because she didn’t grow up with a lot of diversity in her New York City private school, she explains.

Davis followed up that graf with "an incomplete list of things Dunham has been asked to apologize for," including comparing Bill Cosby to the Holocaust, accusing NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. of not wanting to have sex with her, and saying that she didn't like India because of its visible poverty.

Another moment of contention for readers was this exchange:

As Simmons sets the table, Dunham is chatting about this, that, and her tendency to tell potentially offensive jokes when she’s nervous. I volunteer that once, in a creative-writing workshop, I tried to defuse a harsh critique by joking, “You only hate it because I’m black.”

“Are both your parents black, Allison?” Dunham asks in reply.

Adjectives being used to describe the Golden Globe winner in response to the profile include "narcissistic," "insufferable" and "insane."

See the latest round of disdain for Dunham flooding Twitter below.

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