Beyonce Fans Freak as Two Albums Hit Streaming Services Under 'Queen Carter,' or Were They Leaked?
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The two albums of previously unreleased music come after a similar unauthorized leak of SZA music under the name "Sister Solana."

Streaming services lit up on Thursday night after two new albums dropped featuring previously unreleased tracks by Beyonce. But the biggest question on everyone's mind is if these are legit or the work of leakers.

Hardcore Bey fans are familiar with most of the tracks on the albums, titled "Have Your Way" and "Back Up, Rewind" and they were released under the name "Queen Carter." Now, that's in line with her recent dual release with Jay-Z under the name The Carters, but that doesn't mean these are official releases.

As of this writing, "Have Your Way" appears to have been removed from Spotify, but again, it's unclear what this means. Fans on Apple Music have been reporting that both albums have already been removed, happening to some of them midstream.

If these albums were released without Beyonce's involvement -- which is seeming more likely -- we can just imagine her team is working overtime tonight to get them taken down and it's just a matter of time before it all becomes a weird footnote in music, and probably leads to stricter policing of what gets uploaded to the streaming services.

On the other hand, Queen Bey is not beyond a surprise release or two, and she's proven with "Everything Is Love" that she's even willing to not put her famous moniker on an album cover. Still, these are particularly suspicious releases, comprised entirely of older music and coming packaged as two separate albums with rather generic album cover art.

If this is an illegal leak of her music, Beyonce is not the first to fall victim to this tactic. Pitchfork reports the same thing happened to SZA on Thursday as well, with the artist reporting via her Instagram Stories that new music leaked under the name "Sister Solana" was unreleased "scratches" from 2015.

Her label's president further stated that the tracks were "stolen and leaked," which could hint at an even larger problem. If these "Queen Carter" tracks are also stolen and leaked, could this just be the tip of the iceberg of hidden "new" music on the streaming services from more artists?

The Queen Carter leak has been blowing up on Twitter, with the moniker trending into the night on Thursday. And while it's seeming more likely the tracks will be removed sooner or later, the Beyhive is more than willing to partake in the tracks while they can. And all the while rooting for the girl to find who was behind these leaks and take care of some business.

Below are the most excited responses to these surprise releases (or leaks, as the case may be):

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