MTV's 'True Life: Obsessed with Being a Kardashian' Documents Three Individuals Who Share One Very Real Addiction
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"When I started to see how much Kim Kardashian's image really made her money, it grabbed my interest," 26-year-old Sherrah tells her mother.

MTV has rebooted "True Life" nearly 21 years after it first debuted.

And on Wednesday's fascinating premiere, titled "True Life: Obsessed with Being a Kardashian," the network followed three young adults who are obsessed with looking like Kim Kardashian (and Kylie, Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney, for that matter) -- the world's most idolized women.

First, we met Graysen -- a 21-year-old eyebrow stylist living in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with his husband, Jaquan, who serves in the United States Marine Corps.

"I love the Kardashians because they're more than just idols," Graysen explained. "I love Kim because her beauty aesthetic is gorgeous. Anything she wears, she just takes over the whole entire world. And she's a family girl, so it's like really exciting for me because I feel like I can emphasize beauty and still be a family guy."

Graysen grew up in a middle-class, single-parent home and always dreamed of owning a multi-million-dollar empire like his idols.

"I literally just wanna get a house in Calabasas," said Graysen, who currently lives on a highly secured military base with Jaquan, who's not a fan of the Kardashian obsession, the dresses, the makeup, the photo shoots -- any of it.

"I know it's kind of cliché that I kind of look like Kim and then married a black guy," Graysen said. "I feel like every relationship goes through changes. I never really thought me and my husband would go dress shopping together. When Jaquan and I met, I was really masculine. In the last five years, I've really started embracing the Kardashian feel and the Kardashian vibe, but it's pretty difficult for Jaquan because he's a gay man. You're not attracted to women."

While shopping for dresses, Graysen told Jaquan, "The main goal is to get Kim's attention and the attention of her team. That way I can like hopefully in the future work with her and do campaigns and stuff with her. My main goal is to get invited to her mom's Christmas Eve party. My life would be complete."

Next, we met Brittany -- a 20-year-old from Orlando, Florida, who's currently unemployed. So what does she do all day? Dress like Kim and have her photo taken.

"Social media is the most important thing in my life," Brittany explained. "People actually come up to me and they're like, 'You know who you remind me of?' And I'm like, 'Who?!' And they're like, 'Don't get upset, but Kim Kardashian.'" According to Brittany, that's the highest compliment in the world.

"I feel like I was born into the wrong family. I'm meant to be a Kardashian," she said. "Who wouldn't want to live in Calabasas and have beautiful children and have people admire you all day and inspire people? That's what life is about. There really is no reason to hate the Kardashians. Do they cause global warming? Are they causing childhood hunger in Africa? People just hate them because they ain't them."

"People don't understand that social media is a job. I'm a personality," Brittany explained. "I'm not just a pretty face. I'm not just an Instagram profile."

She stared blankly into the camera when asked what she would do if "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" were to ever get canceled. She also calls Kim her "soul mom," which doesn't sit well with her biological mom.

"And I'm your financial mom?!" Brittany's mother, Jessica, fired at her daughter during a heated discussion. "Why can't you just serve a Brittany vibe? I made you very bad ass." Brittany tried to tell her frustrated mom she was "meant to entertain," which also didn't go over well.

"I don't see you going on auditions. I see you taking hella selfies," Jessica said. "And if you wanna be famous, you gotta work on some type of a craft."

Brittany insisted her "craft" was simply her. "First of all, I feel like I have a lot to offer. I feel like I'm a personality," she said, revealing to her mom her obsession began in high school when boys began calling her a "whore" after a guy she didn't want to date started rumors about her. Brittany looked to Kim for "inspiration."

"Eventually, they stop, if they're not getting a reaction from you," she explained. "I learned that from Kim."

During filming, Brittany threw a party, modeled entirely after a Kardashian soirée (within budgetary reason). All night, she posted selfies accompanied by her very own party hashtag. Her best friend, Sydney, tried hard to go along with everything her friend wanted, but that didn't seem to be enough. During an intense conversation the day after the party, Brittany accused Sydney of not being "supportive" of her Kardashian lifestyle, and Sydney snapped. "You swear you're f--king Kim! You're not nobody, bitch!" she shouted as she drove away. Brittany called her mom crying: "She's dead to me."

And finally, we met Sherrah -- a 26-year-old bartender living in Brooklyn, New York. Her 6-year-old son, Mason, lives with her mother, Sherry, because Sherrah is busy "working towards our future -- our Kardashian lifestyle."

"The Kardashians have become the idea of what beauty is, so I feel pressured to have a big butt or have fake boobs because this is what society deemed as beauty," Sherrah explained. "My Brazilian butt lift cost me about $10,000. And $700 for my lips. To be complete, I need to spend like another $100,000. I've been following them since I realized that you could make a million-dollar empire off of a sex tape."

So far, Sherrah has augmented her lips, done liposuction to her stomach and injected fat into her butt, but she's unsatisfied because Kim's lips are still plumper, her stomach is still flatter and her butt is still bigger. Despite her boyfriend's concerns, Sherrah believes she has a "healthy obsession." Sherry, on the other hand, is "tired of seeing [Sherrah] get nowhere in life."

"This is gonna help me in my career," Sherrah assured her mom, who asked, "What career?"

Sherrah said she was working toward becoming a "startender: a star bartender."

"When I started to see how much Kim Kardashian's image really made her money, it grabbed my interest," she told her mom.

While auditioning to be a bartender at a local strip club, Sherrah showed off her Instagram account and bragged about her idol, Kim. Having been a dancer in her early twenties, she said a lot of her insecurities stemmed from being surrounded by girls with "perfect" bodies. She soon realized many of them paid to look that way.

After having Sherrah change into her potential future "uniform," the strip club owner brought her into his office to let her know they were "looking for something a little bit different right now."

"I'll actually give you some time to work on yourself," he said. "Make sure you do one more surgery. Make sure you do your tits. Make sure you do your lips. Come back in a couple months."

According to psychologist and author Dr. Cooper Lawrence -- who was interviewed for this episode -- 36 percent of the population suffers from Celebrity Worship Syndrome, which she describes as an "unhealthy relationship with a celebrity."

"We're talking about the Kardashians, who have let's say 100 million followers. That's 36 million people," she explained. "One of the tenets of Celebrity Worship Syndrome is the belief that you and the celebrity are gonna be friends. It's simply untrue, but you've convinced yourself that it is true. It's part of the unhealthy part of it where a delusion has set in."

New episodes of "True Life" will air every Wednesday on MTV, tackling "millennial" issues such as this.

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