Bebe Rexha Cusses Out Audience at Pre-Grammy Event: 'I Work Too F--king Hard for This Bulls--t'
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The pop star also mocks whoever would call her a "bitch" for going off.

Bebe Rexha went absolutely ballistic on her audience at a pre-Grammy event Thursday night for not singing along to her massive hit, "Meant To Be."

The pop star was joined by Dua Lipa, R&B singer H.E.R. and sister duo Chloe x Halle at a Spotify event to honor up-and-coming singers. When Bebe took the stage, she began belting out her Grammy-nominated track featuring country duo Florida Georgia Line, but when the crowd of music industry folk didn't sing back to her, she cut the music and let 'em have it.

"This song was No. 1 for 50 f--king weeks," she said sternly into the mic after ordering her band to stop the performance. "You know what? I work too f--king hard for this bullshit, okay?"

The 29-year-old singer then turned her sights to her mother, who was in the audience, and said, "My mom is like, 'Please calm down.' Mom's like, 'Please calm down.' I love you, Mom. I'm calming down. I'm calming down."

But Bebe's rant continued, and she mocked whoever would call her a "bitch" for going off on an unenthused crowd.

"I worked too hard for this moment," she said. "I'm from Staten Island, New York, and I'm standing on this stage right here at Spotify, thank you very much. Call me whatever the f--k you wanna call me. 'Cause I'm a girl? Yes. I'm a big bitch right now. Go ahead! You're gonna sing the f--king words if you know the f--king song. I don't care."

Bebe then looked to her band and said, "Let's do it again, please. Thank you."

Her second try was met with more crowd participation.

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