'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Jax and Brittany's Therapy Session Will Make You Cringe
How the Cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' Has Changed Since Season 1

Jax's past rears its ugly head, and he doesn't like it.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright finally agreed to go to couples therapy, and lucky for us, cameras captured the whole thing.

On Monday's episode of "Vanderpump Rules," we went beyond the glitz and the glam of the couples' wedding planning and entered the office of Jax's therapist, Lindsey. Brittany had never met Lindsey, nor had she ever been to therapy, so she went into the experience with an open heart and an open mind -- as she does most things. Jax, on the other hand, walked in a little cocky -- as he does most things.

Brittany admitted to being "kinda nervous" because she didn't know what to expect, explaining to Lindsey that their upcoming wedding made her want to sit down with her fiancé and a professional to make sure they were on the right path.

"Are we gonna talk about difficult things?" Lindsey asked the couple. Jax replied instantly, "We're actually doing really good right now."

"I made a change -- a big change," he said, looking at Brittany. "I think, right?"

Brittany nodded.

"How so?" Lindsey asked.

"Just making better choices. Starting to settle down. I was a bit of a wild child," Jax explained. "As soon as my father passed away, it kind of all cleared up for me. I know what I'm supposed to do."

Lindsey offered her condolences and asked Jax, "What are you supposed to do?"

"I know how to live. I know how to do things the right way now. We like to stay home and play games and laugh," Jax said.

Lindsey was happy to hear the couple was in a good place, but she made sure to remind them that any healthy relationship has its challenges. She went on to bring up last year's cheating scandal and asked if there were things that still needed to be "healed."

"Do you guys ever talk about it now?" she asked.

Jax's smile faded quickly as he began looking around the room in discomfort. "No," he said. "I don't really want to."

While Brittany agreed Jax had been doing "a lot better," she said she wished he wouldn't "shut off" whenever the topic of his past comes up.

"I don't wanna talk about it," he interrupted her. "I mean -- we just -- we've dealt with it. We've kind of put it to bed. Haven't we?"

With a furrowed brow, Lindsey said, "It doesn't sound like that."

"No, no, no. I mean, we have. For sure," Brittany insisted. "But see, he gets tense if it gets brought up."

"I'm not tense at all," Jax said. (He was definitely tense.) "But I just don't see any reason to talk about something like that."

Lindsey listened to them discuss among themselves before telling Jax the words he was saying to his fiancée sounded a lot like "shut up."

"And if [Brittany's] a people-pleaser then she's gonna be like, 'Okay, fine!' And then you're both gonna know that things aren't really honest between you guys," she said.

"I just wanna make sure that if bad things go on between us, that [the cheating] wouldn't happen again," Brittany said as her voice quivered. "Sometimes, I have days of resentment. I can't help that."

Jax swayed in his seat while he rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw. We could tell he was over it -- and so could Lindsey.

"I understand that it doesn't feel good to talk about this stuff, but it's part of what needs to be healed," she said. "Why are you rolling your eyes?"

Jax smiled and said, "No, I mean -- it just -- okay. It's fine. It's fine." It was beyond passive aggressive.

When Brittany asked Jax not to get upset with Lindsey for bringing up his past, he assured her he wasn't. (He definitely was.)

"I'm not mad, I just don't understand. That's all," he insisted. "I'm not mad, I just don't understand. It's okay not to understand something. I don't understand how going back to that can make anything better."

Brittany then asked Jax how he knew he would never cheat on her again, to which Jax replied, "I just know."

Earlier in the episode, they booked their engagement party venue. Perhaps they should spend more time in therapy?

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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