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The singers needed plenty of help as they hilariously fumbled their way through to try and escape in time to still perform on the show.

Julia Michaels and Niall Horan might want to consider some more escape room practice if their performance on "The Late Late Show" is an indication of how good they are at them.

The singers went on James Corden's show to perform their new duet, "What a Time." But before they could do that, they had to escape from a custom-made escape room.

"All of the puzzles in the room are based on segments we do on 'The Late Late Show,'" James told them. "If you get out in time -- we'll be watching you throughout the show -- we'll all get to hear your incredible song. If you don't, that's it, it's over."

Once the game began, Niall quickly admitted he'd never done one of these, but Julia seemed to have some idea what was going on. At least, she knew to start looking for clues.

But even when those clues were staring them directly in the face, the pair absolutely could not begin to figure out what to do most of the time. It's all about thinking outside the box.

We probably started screaming at the screen right around the time they were sitting at the "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" table and clearly seeing that numbers were showing up as they spun the disgusting food items around. Julia found a list of four of those items and Niall found a combination lock on the wall. Come on!

Okay, Julia was freaking out that she might have to eat some of that nastiness, and we get that to a degree, but how could they not even consider that the numbers might lead to the combination? Once again, it was James to the rescue.

And it seemed like he had to chime in every few minutes to give them a very big hint to keep things moving. We're not gonna lie, though, we loved it when he said at one point, "Maybe dancing is the answer."

After the pair began dancing, he couldn't help laughing and finally told them, "I'll be honest, it's not. Dancing is not the answer. I just got drunk on power."

They did manage to piece together a few elements of the puzzle on their own, but there is no way they would have gotten out in time to perform without James' near-constant assistance. There's a certain skill set required to successfully pull off an escape room, and we're not sure they have it.

Luckily, they have plenty of skills and talent as musicians, as they proved when they finally got to perform their song for the "Late Late Show" audience. You can check out the performance they fought so hard to give below:

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