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Grande and Corden dropped by the horror-themed escape room during taping of her "Carpool Karaoke" segment, and were properly scared out of their wits.

Ariana Grande told James Corden she loves being scared, but she might be rethinking that after they dropped by an escape room during her "Carpool Karoake" session on "The Late Late Show."

Grande was featured on the popular singing segment a while back, but Corden clearly hung on to this hilarious footage for the Halloween season, and it makes perfect sense. Anyone who's done an escape room has never seen anything like what Corden and Grande had to endure for our entertainment. And oh were we entertained!

"I’ve done like 300 escape rooms. That’s not an escape room,"Grande declared after they were done. "That’s like one of the seven gates to hell."

For starters, the adventure started off in pitch black darkness, which Grande was clearly not a fan of. It was also filled with people in costumes, making the whole experience more of a hybrid between a classic escape room scenario and a haunted house.

In all honesty, the whole place did look pretty cool. And we're not sure we'd have kept it together any better than Grande did. Let's just say when she screamed "You bitch!" after a woman who jumped out of a bed and scared them, she was screaming for all of us.

When another guy crawled into the final room after them, Grande and Corden were scrambling so hard to get away from him, that Grande fell and actually hurt her hand. But even after all that, she seemed to be in good spirits after.

"I love being scared," she declared before they went in. "I think it's so much fun." And despite being terrified throughout the ordeal, she did seem to again be in good spirits after ... even with her hand bandaged up.

And if we're being totally honest, we kind of think both Grande and Corden would be a total blast to do either a haunted house or an escape room with. They did a great job of deciphering their way through the clues.

We're just glad they were laughing by the end or we'd have to feel bad for laughing so much while they were in the thick of it.

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