Chandler Riggs Thinks It's 'Super Cool' to See Henry Taking Over Carl's 'Walking Dead' Storyline
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The show alum also spills on meeting cast members he never worked with and how the fandom's changed since he was killed off the show.

Like a zombie on the show itself, Chandler Riggs connection to "The Walking Dead" has lived on after his character's on screen death.

Fans said goodbye to Carl Grimes in 2018 in a move that shocked everyone at the time. The son of Rick is still very much alive in the comics and was killed off right before he got one very meaty storyline (more on that in a minute). But talking to him now, it doesn't sound like he has any bad blood for the show that launched him.

While the 19-year-old is currently focusing on his DJing career as Eclipse, along with various acting gigs on shows like "A Million Little Things," Riggs continues to attend "Walking Dead" fan conventions and still watches the show.

"People are a lot more sad when they see me, but they're also excited," he told TooFab of how the show's followers treat him now at events like Walker Stalker Con.

"Everybody that comes through asks what I'm doing next and it's really cool to see that kind of dedication from fans of something," he continued. "It's great to nudge them towards me producing music ... That's exactly what the goal is from Eclipse, to mask my presence behind the music, but use my image as a platform to showcase the music that I love."

At a recent event, Riggs reunited with his onscreen mama Sarah Wayne Callies and Cailey Fleming, who plays the newest version of Judith. While it made for one adorable family photo, Riggs actually had never met Fleming, who joined the show after his exit.

"That was super weird, because I hadn't met her before. Her other brother is named Chandler as well," said Riggs. "It's super cool to meet characters that are on the show that I haven't met before and it's cool to see the show become a completely new thing and be totally different from when I was on it just like a year ago."

The show has evolved quite a bit in that time, thanks to Andrew Lincoln's exit and a massive time jump that saw major changes for almost every character. With the introduction of The Whisperers, viewers have also see Matt Lintz's Henry form a bond with Lydia -- a storyline that belongs to Carl in the comics.

"I know Matt personally, I've known him because his older sister played Sophia. I'm pretty sure his whole family was on the show at some point," said Riggs. FYI: Matt's younger brother Macsen played the younger version of Henry before the time jump.

"I've known all of them for a very long time," Chandler continued. "It's super cool seeing someone I know step into the shoes that Carl, the path that Carl was supposed to take, it's pretty cool."

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"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.