'Stranger Things' Kids Are All Grown Up at Season 3's Star-Studded World Premiere

One of the strangest scenes of the third season was an entirely-too-long duet of "The NeverEnding Story" by two unlikely characters at the worst possible moment.

It was one of the strangest moments in a show about monsters from the "Upside Down" trying to take over a small town mall in Indiana in 1985. And yet, it has become one of the most iconic moments in "Stranger Things" third season. And now, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have made it even stranger-er!

If you haven't yet seen the entirety of "Stranger Things" third season you might want to move on, though spoilers he be mild indeed. In fact, the only thing we'll reveal is that two characters create an incredibly awkward and overly-long musical duet moment by taking on the title song from "The NeverEnding Story." Seriously, did they have to perform that much of it?

Fans of the classic 1984 fantasy film will never forget the Top 20 song and its soaring arias. It was everything the '80s were all about, and in a season more filled with nostalgia for the age of excess than any other, it marked a perfectly ridiculous climax to all of the pop culture callbacks.

But while younger fans may have been left scratching their heads at the song, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are both old enough to have been around when "The NeverEnding Story" dominated pop culture for months on end. Everybody wanted to fly on a luck dragon, chase the bullies into a dumpster and everyone wanted to forget the saddest single scene of the decade. Seriously, you need to see this film!

Fallon was a kid when the original came out. At ten years his senior, Colbert was already in college but the film had wide appeal, but Colbert has already embraced his nerd-culture side, so of course he would spearhead this. They even spoke to one another through a crude CB system, per the show, presumably set up so the late-night hosts can share hot goss between their respective studios.

It's always fun to see how much love and mutual respect the "Tonight Show" and "Late Show" hosts have for one another these days. It's a far cry from the tension-filled days between Johnny Carson and David Letterman, and it's a testament that rivals can still get along and appreciate what the other one brings to the table.

On top of that, both Colbert and Fallon has pretty solid singing voices, meaning this particular interpretation was a little more vocally sound than the one we got on "Stranger Things."

The best moment, though, came when Higgins poked his head into Jimmy's dressing room with the "Stranger Things" shoutout only to see the whole bit subvert initial expectations.

Here's hoping the bond between these two men truly is a never-ending story and we get plenty more collaborative bits like this. And we haven't given up hoping for a luck dragon, either.

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