Cardi B Sparks Concern Among Fans After Posting Alarming Tweet: 'Wish I Was Dead'
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The Bardi Gang flooded Twitter with support for Cardi, even creating the hashtag "#WeLoveYouCardi.

Cardi B sparked concern among her fans over the weekend when she posted an alarming tweet.

On Sunday morning, the rapper posted a tweet that read, "Wish I was dead." Although she quickly deleted the message, it was long enough for fans to screenshot the post and voice their concern for the "I Like It" singer.

The Bardi Gang flooded Twitter with support for Cardi, although it was unconfirmed what could have prompted the hip-hop star to write such a tweet. Cardi's fans even created a hashtag, "#WeLoveYouCardi," which quickly became a trending topic.

"Cardi, the thought of you being sad hurts me so much, because you are the one that i turn to when im sad," a person tweeted. "you are the one that makes me smile when im going thru shit. please know that bardigang is here for you baby. #weloveyoucardi GANG."

Another fan quoted Cardi's hit, "Get Up 10," writing: "Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten."

"You are one of the most hardworking woman in the industry right now, even while you were pregnant you were spending late nights in the studio, shooting music videos doing everything you possibly can, and no hate can take away your truth and your success," another user added.

See how more fans sent Cardi love in the tweets below.

Although Cardi hasn't said why she shared the alarming post or what it meant, the star's message followed another since-deleted tweet where she hit back at a user who accused her of "blackfishing," according to Insider.

The fan claimed Cardi isn't black because her father is Dominican and her mother is Trinidadian.

"We just accept blackfishing as the real thing . Ok it [sic]," the user wrote and added in another reply, "Hair texture can be manipulated i#and every Afro that we saw from Cardi was a combed out braid down ... obviously [sic]"

Cardi then clapped back in the deleted tweet, sharing the viral photo of herself as a child, rocking an afro-like hairstyle. "Was this Afro manipulated too ?" she wrote.

Despite Cardi removing the post, she did reply to a fan's hilarious response who thought the childhood pic of Cardi was of a young Aretha Franklin. "Lmaaaooooooooooo," she wrote. The post is Cardi's only remaining tweet from Sunday.

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