'Swamp Thing' Star Ian Ziering 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' If Canceled Show Was 'Resurrected' (Exclusive)
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"It's the best horror TV show that's ever been on TV," says the star.

Like Alec Holland himself, star Ian Ziering says he's holding out hope "Swamp Thing" comes back from the dead.

Ziering plays the Blue Devil on the series, which is nearing the end of its first -- and, unfortunately, only -- season on Warner Bros.' DC Universe streaming service. While the actor was excited about the two episodes to come when we caught up with him at Comic-Con, he also expressed confusion over its cancellation.

After the original episode order was reduced from 13 to 10 episodes, the series was axed one week after it premiered, despite strong reviews. Though it won't be back for Season 2, the full first season will be released.

"I don't know what went down that they reduced our order from 13 to 10 and then they canceled it after the first episode," Ziering told TooFab. "I think people are going to riot. It's the best horror TV show that's ever been on TV, hands down."

"We've got the brightest minds, the best writers, unbelievably talented cast and it's magical," he continued. "'Swamp Thing' is really a force and I wouldn't be surprised if it was resurrected in some capacity sometime in the future."

While no official reason was ever given for why DC Universe pulled the plug on the show, which was the streaming platform's third live-action drama following "Titans" and "Doom Patrol."

Despite the cancelation, Ziering is honored he was able to play the role in the first place.

"I'm telling you, when I got that part and I got to play a superhero which is really a super demon that uses his powers for good instead of evil, it's like the 8 year old boy in me just got goosebumps," he said. "Every time I would tell somebody about that project, the hair on my arm ... I was so excited."

New episode of "Swamp Thing" drop Fridays on DC Universe.

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