Teenaged Tamra Judge Threatened To Leave Son On Curb And Drive Away
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"He sure remembers! He's like, 'Mom, that was horrible, I can't believe you said that,'" confessed the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star.

Tamra Judge revealed her most "embarrassing" moment as a mother on Tuesday.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star, 52, recalled the time she threatened to leave her eldest child on the street and take off in her car during her "Celeb Parents Get Real" interview with People.

"This is really bad... I was a teen mom and Ryan was probably 3 years old, and he was screaming in the car. He would not be quiet. He was in his car seat. And I stopped the car and I said, 'If you don't be quiet, I'm gonna take your car seat out and put it on the curb and I'm gonna drive away,'" she confessed.

"And to this day, he still reminds me," Tamra said of her now 33-year-old son.

"He might've been a little older, 'cause he sure remembers! He's like, 'Mom, that was horrible, I can't believe you said that!' I go, 'That is horrible.'" (Alas Tamra's math appears to be as horrible as her parenting stories).

But with three other children in her family — daughters Sophia, 14, and Sidney, 20, plus son Spencer, 19 — Tamra has worked through the trials of motherhood and is proud of her tight-knit tribe.

"They're not afraid to talk to me, they're very open with me. Talking about everything. And it's good to know what's going on in their [lives]," she explained.

"If it's my 19-year-old son, we talk about girl problems. If it's Sophia, she's 14, now she wants to talk about makeup and nails and what happened at school," Tamra continued. "They're very open with me — maybe a little too open."

And the bodybuilding enthusiast explained she wanted her children to feel "safe" in communicating as she was not raised in such an environment.

"I was the total opposite with my parents. We didn't talk about anything," Tamra detailed.

"So I made sure with my children that they felt comfortable. I'm not gonna judge them. They're not gonna get in trouble for telling me something that happened."

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