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Sometimes it pays to be kind. Sometimes it really doesn't.

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a sketch, and that's what Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon pulled off beautifully with their epic battle of courtesy and kindness in a restaurant.

Built around the idea of ordering and sending something to another restaurant patron as a gesture of goodwill and took it to ridiculous extremes. Even better, neither Pitt nor Fallon said much of anything throughout the sketch.

Mostly it was the waiter declaring whatever he was bringing, "Courtesy of the gentleman at the bar" or "at the table."

And that's all it needed. There was no point to it, and there was apparently no limits to how silly Fallon and Pitt were willing to get with what they would order and send to the other table. From a pyramid of chocolate eggs to 30 hot dogs to a single red M&M, there was no limit to their imagination ... and apparently no limits to the restaurant's menu.

We're not sure what high-end restaurant offers whole coconuts (complete with a mini-hammer) and tater tots by the bucket, but it's someplace we might have to track down the next time we're in New York.

Even better, both Pitt and Fallon showed their respective characters partaking in the various items offered, even if it's a three-tiered wedding cake.

As beautifully as it was executed throughout, the real beauty of the sketch was in how it chose to end. For one thing, it didn't wear out its welcome and drag on the silly food dishes too long. We got about a dozen of them and then it was time to get out.

And it got out beautifully, with a callback to the opening line of the entire sketch: "Courtesy of the man--" with a new ending. "The Tonight Show" has proven it's developing a mastery of the sketch comedy format, with this entry easily lining up as one of the simplest and strongest they've ever put on.

Watch out, "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon is coming for your bread-and-butter. He's spun off everything else he does on the show (game shows, board games, you name it), could he launch a "Tonight Show" sketch show next?

Okay, no, considering his love of "SNL" and the fact Lorne Michaels is the executive producer of his show, but we can always hope his strengths in sketch help to push them to greater comedic heights, too.

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