First Look at 'American Horror Story 1984'

The season has been building to this moment, and it does not disappoint -- and yet it is overshadowed by even more crazy revelations that change everything you thought you knew.

We're only four episodes into this made ride called "American Horror Story 1984" and we're starting to think we might be crazier than Mr. Jingles, the Night Stalker, Rita, Montana and all the rest of them.

It's hard to believe we're not even at the halfway point yet, considering just how much has already happened and already been revealed. We'd venture to guess -- and probably be wrong -- that we now know everything there is to know about all of the major players on this stage. So either there's a big twist looming that will upend this season entirely, like "Roanoke" pulled in Season 6, or we don't know what we think we know.

What we do know, though, is that Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and company keep coming up with disturbing ways to kill and torture the major players, and that we saw even more major deaths this week than last. At the same time, we find ourselves growing skeptical of everything that's happening and mistrusting everyone.

Except for Bertie, that is. The sweet cook appears to actually be everything she was initially introduced to be. She's a sweet woman who actually cares about these kids ... and maybe wants to hook up with Xavier. But who can blame her? He's rocking that '80s pompadour like a champ! Plus, did you hear he used to do porn?

But we digress. All of that is to slow down our pounding hearts as we relive all the craziest WTF moments of this week and grow more and more scared for everyone. Trust no one, kids! These are the six moments that left us gasping for breath this week:

Best Man's Sister

We were still reeling from the revelation that Montana was totally into Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez, but we didn't know why. And we naively thought she just wanted Brooke dead because that was his next victim. But oh no, it was much more personal than that.

It turns out Montana is the sister of the best man shot dead by Brooke's fiance at their wedding. Joey was convinced that Brooke and Sam had hooked up, and so he shot his old college roommate in the face as Brooke denied everything. Turns out Montana believes the story, too, and her solution is just as insanely violent and murderous as Joey's solution (minus the suicide part, we're guessing).

And she just so happens to have befriended a serial killer, who ever so kindly disemboweled and hung one of her aerobics students in the locker room for disrespecting her (and David Bowie). Montana was hella turned on, they made love under his dripping intestines and it was a magical night that sparked a romance built on murder and revenge.

So now we know why Montana is there and why she lured Richard there. That's a huge piece of this bizarre puzzle, though we supposed we're not completely sure that Brooke's story was on the up and up. Perhaps she did sleep with Sam. Hell, maybe Brooke will turn out to be the ultimate villain of this whole piece.

Baked Xavier

Mr. Jingles continued his campaign of murder, but it took a bizarre and unexpected turn with Xavier. Rather than just kill him and lop his ear off, as has been his modus operandi all along, he instead chucked the kid into a giant oven and turned it on. Why did Jingles break his pattern? And why was so much of it shown off camera?

By the same token, he stabbed the hell out of poor, sweet Bertie, but he didn't kill her either. This was left for Xavier to do, after Bertie heroically freed him from his burning prison. So was she left alive just so she could save Xavier? And we're still not sold on why Jingles (who has not shown this much creativity in his murder) would go the oven route at all.

He didn't stab him and he didn't cut off his ear. Perhaps we're overthinking it, but it doesn't otherwise make sense for things to go down this way. We only got a closeup of Bertie getting stabbed, too. So we had even more suspicions. But then she asked Xavier to finish her off by stabbing a knife into her chest. Was it a trick knife? What was this scene ... other than stomach churning and gross.

Killers Converge

Perhaps the most exciting moment of the night came with Brooke hoisted up in a net trap, swinging over the forest floor. Rita was lying in wait for her boy, Mr. Jingles, to come so she could see if he would take easy bait. Meanwhile, Montana brought Richard over to finish her revenge. And then we got our moment.

Killer v Killer. The staredown of the century as Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker took in one another, both desperately wanting to kill the girl in the net. And then all hell broke loose.

It was wild and awesome and crazy at the same time. Jingles and Richard were fighting by the net, while Montana attacked Rita in the woods, throwing them down into a ditch where they missed out on all the action.

And all the while, Brooke managed to pull off her own great escape, leaving everyone without a proper victim. How rude!

Night Stalker No More?

We've learned in horror stories to never believe in a death unless you see the body, but we sure as hell saw Mr. Jingles impale the Night Stalker through the back of his skull and onto a massive spike sticking out of a tree. That dude was dead.

Don't get us wrong, in the dance between the lithe Night Stalker and the powerhouse Mr. Jingles, our money was on the veteran, but we were still stunned to see the series' second serial killer go down like that. Remember, this is only Episode 4.

But then when he snapped off of the tree, which could have just been the weight of his body, we remembered that this is slasher horror. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye going on. We didn't remember the ghost of that counselor from 1970 that was looming around.

Whatever happened to that dude? Surely he's going to matter again.

Mrs. Jingles

The biggest revelation of the night is one we've suspected since the beginning, but there was one twist we didn't anticipate. Ever since we got the flashback from the ghost counselor, we felt certain that things hadn't gone down quite the way we'd been told. And it turns out we were right.

But even more interesting, things didn't go down the way Mr. Jingles was told either. When he confronted Margaret in her cabin in this week's episode, she laid it all on the line for him.

We'd already seen a flashback sequence where he was kind to her and said he'd do anything to protect her. But Margaret felt like he failed in that because the kids continued picking on her and teasing her for being a goody-two-shoes. So she took matters into her own hands.

And then, even more diabolically, she orchestrated Mr. Jingles going down for it by putting together the necklace of ears to hearken back to his time in Vietnam. To finalize her case, she cut off her own ear and set herself up as the only survivor and star witness in his trial.

What's remarkable is that Mr. Jingles didn't know this, having been fully convinced by the torturous treatments he'd endured that he was actually the killer. He'd argued he couldn't remember killing anyone, and it turns out he didn't. And yet, now he's a consummate murderer and a killer like he's been at this forever.

What a twist for Rita, who would probably love to study Margaret even more. Not to mention that she now has proof that Mr. Jingles was made into a serial killer after the fact by the very system that was supposed to be helping him.

Mr. Jingles No More?

And then there's the encounter on the bridge, where Xavier stumbles across Mr. Jingles. Neither was in particularly good shape. Jingles had taken three shots by Margaret, escaping only as she was gutting poor Trevor (though at this point, we're not sold on him being dead, either). Xavier, meanwhile, was still half-baked from his oven experience.

And yet, when he cowered in front of Mr. Jingles, all the towering killer said was, "It was never me." He then disappeared as Brooke arrived, leaving us to wonder if perhaps we've seen the last death at the hands of Mr. Jingles ... unless, perhaps, he decides to take out Margaret at some point.

After all, if he was never a killer to begin with, maybe learning that is enough to stop him being a killer dead in his tracks. Of course, no one else knows he's not a killer, so if he sticks around that could be an awkward situation. We could even see him -- as twisted and confused as he is -- flipping the script and trying to protect everyone else from Margaret.

Night Stalker Evermore?

The final twist of the night could be setting the stage for that dramatic shift we hinted at in our opening. As Rita climbed up and watched, Richard's body was raised from the ground to the sounds of Satanic chanting until he was floating in the air. This is next-level even to the confused ghost of a 1970 counselor.

This is some kind of demonic resurrection, and he even revived with the solid black eyes we've all come to associate with the underworld. Could The Night Stalker be something more than human now? Perhaps he's an immortal serial killer?

That's good news for Montana, as she still has her stooge to take out Brooke, but that's assuming the Richard that returned is anything like the one impaled on the tree. And then there's Rita.

If she survives -- he did lock eyes with her in the closing moments -- she'll have all kinds of new questions. This is also beyond the realm of science and research, as she saw the hovering body clear as day. So where does she go from here? Where does Ricahrd?

And where does anyone, as they all found each other in front of the car they were hoping to use to escape, burning merrily. Of course, we all know Margaret probably did that, just as she killed (?) Trevor. But she blamed Jingles for his death, saying it felt so good to kill again.

So is Margaret going to take epoint as the new killer, making a twisted game of it, with Richard working on the periphery trying to take out Brooke?

The twists and turns keep coming on "American Horror Story: 1984," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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