Cole Swindell Teases an 'Unbelievable 2020' and Tour After Release of 'No One Rocks Mine' (Exclusive)
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Swindell says his tour announcement will be well worth the wait.

Country star Cole Swindell just released his fifth single off his "Down Home Sessions V" EP and tells us that he wanted "to throw a little twist at the fans" with his latest video.

Fans will see a familiar face in the "No One Rocks Mine" video, which dropped last week. And in an interview with TooFab about the EP, his writing process and still-unannounced tour, Swindell told us that was no accident.

Watch the clip below, then keep reading for our full Q&A with the singer.

What can you tell us about the story behind "No One Rocks Mine"?

I wrote "No One Rocks Mine" with my producer Michael Carter and also a longtime friend Brandon Kinney. It's just a love song about missing those back home. Even if you don't travel all the time for work like I do, I think people can relate to missing the people back home.

To you, how does the vibe of this one compare to "Right Where I Left It" and others on Down Home Sessions V?

For this Down Home Sessions, I wanted all of the songs to be a little different whether it's subject matter, whether it's tempo, the sound or the production. You know that was really the point of making this five song EP. I think the last song stands apart from the other four for sure. "No One Rocks Mine" stands out to me from the beginning. I think from that first verse the melody, it draws you in. My vocal is the first thing you hear which is pretty cool and different than the other 4 songs we recorded for this project.

What was the original thought or plan behind creating your Down Home Sessions as opposed to full albums?

I remember the first year we did our Down Home Sessions, I had these songs I had written but didn't have a spot on the album, I really wanted the fans to hear them so we decided to release them and that's kinda how the Down Home Sessions started and that's been the plan through all five of them. Just a bunch of songs that I've written over the years and wanted to share with the Down Home Crew.

How do you decide whether a song gets released as part of your Down Home Sessions, or is held for the next album?

Honestly, it's the same process as an album. It's just all songs that I've written. On albums, I will gladly record a song that I did not write. On these Down Home Sessions, that's kinda the point of it, to release the songs I've written that I want other people to hear and it's all about the timing. This year we'd already had an album out and there were some songs that I honestly would've put on my fourth album, but it wasn't time for a fourth album. So I said 'Hey I'm putting them on the Down Home Sessions.' That's always been, whether we're recording an EP or an album whatever, I want the best songs to be on there and especially when it's ones I've written it's pretty cool to give the fans a chance to hear them.

Tell us a little about the video.

Yeah "No One Rocks Mine" you know the same thought goes into the video as the writing and recording process. We want them all to be different and you know I think all five videos are a little different, especially this one. This one's in black and white with kind of a grainy filter over it. Like I said it's a love story and there's kind of a twist at the end. This song talks about missing your girl back home, but in this video she actually shows up to the show and surprises me. So kind of a cool video that's different than the others and the visual effects on it, and what a great job editing they did with it and I'm excited for the fans to see it. We also brought back my friend Alicia from the "Breakup in the End" video to star in this one. Just to throw a little twist at the fans. "Was this before Breakup in the End... or not?!"

You recently teased a tour announcement. Anything you can tell us about that? When can we look forward to hearing more?

All I can say about that is that it's going to be an unbelievable 2020. Trust me, I want to tell you just as bad as people want to know. I've been getting tweets every day, 'When are you going to announce it,' but trust me, once I do it's going to be worth it. Y'all come out and see us.

We've been seeing a ton of country artists taking their tours across the pond lately. Any chance you'll be heading to Europe on this next one?

That's something I have yet to do and I see my friends, other artists that are over there playing, and just how much fun they have. I mean just getting to see it over there and when you're from a little, small town in Georgia, I just dreamed of playing anywhere and I don't think I ever thought that was a possibility, but now that it is I'm dying to get over there. I can't wait to see if I've got any fans over there. It's going to be fun once we finally get a show booked.

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