Chrissy Teigen Reveals What It's Really Like to Be Famous By Answering a Ton of TMI Fan Questions
Teigen Hits Back at Haters Who Wardrobe Shame Her

Teigen gets real about dealing with "stupid and mean" celebrities, her husband and the perks of fame.

Chrissy Teigen went on a Twitter spree on Sunday night, after a seemingly mundane question about having a junk drawer turned into a lengthy Q&A with her fans about the realities of being a celebrity.

Over the course of four hours -- with a break or two in there somewhere -- the "Lip Sync Battle" star responded to a ton of her followers, as they asked about everything from the paparazzi to her staff and famous friends.

It all began when someone on Twitter tagged Chrissy in a post asking, "Do celebrities have junk drawers where they throw random cords and pens? I feel like @chrissyteigen would but like @KimKardashian absolutely would not." Teigen proved the user right by sharing a photo of her junk drawer and adding, "It's celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favorite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a huge A list celebrity."

The answers did not disappoint.

Chrissy on Other Celebrities

Teigen revealed some intel about what it's like to communicate with other famous people, as one herself.

During the Q&A, she said her interactions have run the gamut from incredibly pleasant to "shitty" and "stupid and mean" -- adding that one guest on "Lip Sync Battle" really "rubbed me in an extremely wrong way."

Sadly, she didn't name any names.

The Downside of Fame

A number of her followers wondered what it's like to attend some of the swanky events that come with being a celebrity, like award shows, gifting suites and other red carpets packed with journalists.

Teigen explained that she hates doing interviews out of fear of being "cancelled" for saying the wrong thing and believes award shows are "unbelievably boring."

The Perks Aren't Too Shabby

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, Teigen also explained that being famous comes with some killer advantages.

Responding to a number of questions about the "perks" of being a celebrity, she revealed how her status comes with better airport and airplane interactions, restaurant reservations and more free stuff than she can keep up with.

As for the plus she feels more guilty about, she answered "money."

Her Team

Lastly, Teigen was extremely honest about the luxury of hiring help.

She explained that she considers her team -- which includes managers, agents, hair and makeup people -- people she's very close with. She added that they family has four, rotating nannies, a house manager and an assistant ... who does much of her holiday shopping.

This was really only a sampling of the many, many responses sent out by Teigen. Head over to her Twitter page for more!

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