Kendall and Kylie Jenner Have Different KUWTK Contracts Than Their Sisters
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Khloe also weighed in more on the Kourtney drama.

Now we know why Kylie and Kendall Jenner aren't on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as much as their sisters.

While live-tweeting Sunday night's episode of "KUWTK," Khloe Kardashian revealed Kylie, 22, and Kendall, 24, have different contracts than Kim, Kourtney and herself.

When a fan tweeted, "This ain't shade AT ALL but do Kendall and Kylie have different contracts now for #KUWTK? cos Kendall rarely films and Kylie isn't featured a whole lot? 👀 #KUWTK," Khloe replied, "Kendall and Kylie have different contracts. Kourt, Kim and I have an equal contract."

The fan question was undoubtedly in reference to the sisterly drama from the episode, where Khloe and Kim got angry with Kourtney for not sharing as much of her life on the show as they do. Because of this, Khloe and Kim said they feel like have to pick up the slack and share even more of their lives to make up for her.

"All of the days that Kourtney isn't filming, Khloe and I are picking up the slack and having to share more," Kim said in a confessional. "Because if we're not sharing our lives, then what is the show?"

Kourtney, on the other hand, said she felt her sisters put the show over her and her well-being and that she needs more privacy after she put her relationship with ex Scott Disick on display in the past.

"I shared everything from my relationship with Scott -- everything -- to where all these people were involved in my relationship and it was horrible for our relationship," Kourtney expressed. "The private moments are so special, and I just need more of them.”

Khloe spoke more about the issue during her live-tweet Sunday night and responded to a fan who was commenting about the drama.

"We aren't forcing anybody to film but when you sign a contract you have to hold up your end of your obligations," she wrote. "That's what sucks. You can't stop something midway or if you want to there has to be a dialogue about it. Can't just dip on us."

"If we all started concealing major areas of our life then what would there be to film?" Khloe added in another tweet. "I'm completely OK with people having boundaries but you have to be present in the areas you're willing to share."

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