Kelly Ripa Reveals She Stopped Buying Wine and 'Quit Drinking'
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"I started the show and she quit drinking," Seacrest said. "What does that tell you?"

It looks like Kelly Ripa stopped drinking wine -- but was Ryan Seacrest responsible for her major lifestyle change?

While discussing the drop in wine sales in 2019 on Monday's episode of "Live with Kelly and Ryan," Ripa revealed that she no longer drinks alcohol, joking that the sales must have declined because she quit drinking it.

"They are saying Americans bought less wine in the last year," Ripa said to Seacrest. "It's the first drop in a quarter of a century. "Now, I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this slip. I have influenced the market.

"I'm not saying I've driven people out," she added. "I'm saying I stopped buying wine and there's a 25 percent dip."

While Ripa didn't reveal the exact reason that she quit drinking, Seacrest seemed to take credit, pointing out that she stopped when he joined as co-host in 2017.

"I started the show and she quit drinking," he said. "What does that tell you? I don't know ... It that good or bad?"

"It's amazing," Ripa replied.

The "All My Children" alum, who shares three children with husband Mark Consuelos, has previously spoken about the strict diet she follows to stay bikini ready.

The high-alkaline diet, which starts with a seven-day cleanse, focuses on vegetables like broccoli, beets and kale while avoiding acidic foods.

"It has changed my life, it's changed the whole way I think about food," she said in 2015, per People. "It's a very manageable cleanse. It's very manageable. You're not hungry. It’s not like … people go, 'What are you eating? You're just drinking, you know, a green juice a day?' No, it's not like that. You eat. I actually eat much more on this cleanse than I do in my actual life, but it's what you eat and how you eat it."

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