You'll Never Believe Why #DuaLipaIsOverParty Is Trending
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Many Twitter users believe the trending topic was generated by die-hard K-pop fans.

A video of Dua Lipa making it rain on a stripper has sparked a debate about feminism.

The hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty began trending on Twitter Tuesday morning after footage emerged of the English pop star at a strip club with Lizzo following Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

After the ceremony, the "Truth Hurts" star, who opened the show and went on to win three gramophones, headed to Hollywood's Crazy Girls strip club with her team, the "Don't Start Now" singer, Lil Nas X and Rosalía.

"Lizzo made it rain for sure. All of the celebs were making it rain and dancing all night with her," an insider told Page Six. "She also had some male strippers come in to celebrate her manager Kevin Beisler's birthday."

Dua Lipa participated in the partying by showering a stripper with dollar bills. But when someone uploaded a video of said moment to Twitter, a public debate over feminism and double standards broke out, with most participants falling within two camps: sex workers are victims of exploitation vs. sex work is a viable choice for those who choose to engage in it.

"Que buen ejemplo dua lipa, lizzo, rosalia sexualizando mujeres pero bueno después salen a decir que son feministas," tweeted the critic who originally posted the video, which is Spanish for, "What a good example dua lipa, lizzo, rosalia sexualizing women and then later they announce they're feminists."

Since the video showed only Dua Lipa actively engaging with the dancers, the criticism has been aimed at mostly her. But a large portion of Twitter users believe the trending topic was generated by die-hard K-pop fans, who often spam hashtags in order to promote K-pop stars. Indeed, many of the condemning tweets aimed at Dua Lipa included GIFs or memes of their beloved Korean icons.

"Don't mind this hashtag just a bunch of whack kpop stans all over," one user wrote. "These 'over party' hashtags are just excuses to post more kpop vids," added another.

Still, the "One Kiss" singer's fans rushed to her defense, saying she should be allowed to enjoy a night at a strip club, which "isn't illegal," without criticism. Some even argued a male musician doing the same thing would likely not be condemned publicly.

See reactions to the hashtag below.

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