Jersey Shore Stars & Their Kids

Meanwhile, The Situation is asked about blowjobs in prison.

She's a married woman now, but Angelina Pivarnick and fiancé Chris hit a major roadblock after her actions while celebrating Jenni "JWoww" Farley's divorce.

Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" continued to show the festivities at a New Jersey drag show, as JWoww marked the end of her marriage to Roger Mathews with a wild night out on the town with her costars. After Vinny, Ronnie and Pauly left the club, it was supposed to be a girls night out -- but another man showed up to hang with Angelina.

Pivarnick and the guy, named Mike, were spotted holding hands as they walked through the club, something which really concerned her housemates. When they asked why they were holding onto each other, he denied it. In a confessional, Angelina downplayed everything -- saying "holding hands with one of my guy friends for 10 years is not cheating."

As she kept throwing back drinks, Angelina also started dissing her fiancé, calling him a "jerkoff" and saying "f--k that dick." Deena was incensed, telling her costar, "You're just not talking good about Chris, just stop!"

Things escalated as Angelina, Snooki, JWoww and Deena hopped in a van home. In a confessional, JWoww said "this is not how [Angelina] should be acting" while engaged. Snooki said Angelina shouldn't have held Mike's hand "out of respect," before Pivarnick decided to just call Chris up to prove he wouldn't have a problem with it. He did.

As she was on the phone, Snooki shouted, "He kept touching you and I hated it," prompting Chris to say, "Why's he f--king touching you to begin with?" As if that wasn't enough, Angelina also revealed she told her costars about Chris having sex tapes of his friends -- which he filmed -- on his phones.

"I'm f--king pissed right now, I'm not gonna lie," he told her, before the conversation came to an abrupt end.

None of the women had a great morning the next day, as JWoww exclaimed, "Everything hurts" when she got out of bed. The girls, however, were all planning on going wedding dress shopping with Angelina, who was still battling Chris.

Though she didn't want to be on camera when she spoke with him, her mic picked up their phone conversation in the bathroom. "You're trying to break us up," he said to her. "It was my bad for f--king bringing Mike out. I should have never did that. My bad," she told him.

That didn't seem to do the trick. As the phone call just got worse, JWoww intervened and saved the day. Asking to speak with Chris herself, she said he had nothing to worry about.

"I know you truly love her, she truly loves you. Do any of us think she did anything with Mike? 100% not," she told him. "I get it, I get why you're angry, all of us do. I don't want you guys upset, it's a really good day for her, she's going dress shopping. She deserves what you're giving to her, a little bit. Truly, she's not doing anything malicious here, she's never tried to."

That seemed to set Chris straight and, despite being in a "funk," Angelina still went dress shopping. Considering their recent history, Angelina was also very happy to see Jenni have her back.

In other news, Vinny recruited his mom to cook The Situation a post-prison feast and showed up to the house with a ton of mouthwatering Italian food. Though she was told to leave him at home, she also brought Uncle Nino along. Mike thanked Nino for putting in a good word for him with some of his fellow inmates, before Vinny's uncle ventured into TMI territory.

He asked whether Sitch received any oral stimulation while behind bars, before asking if he gave any to anyone else. "There was no giving and no receiving,"he exclaimed. "No, no blowjobs happened of any sort!"

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays on MTV.