Trevor Donovan's tennis playing stud Teddy will have a male love interest next season -- and, according to JustJared, "Spring Awakening" star Kyle Riabko has been cast as the potential new beau.

Of the storyline, Donovan just Twittered "I read all your tweets and know you are all curious about the "gay" character this season. Let me say, gay or straight, relationships are relationships. Everyone goes through the same kind of troubles and joys. A gay storyline will have an added issue of dealing with judgment from others. Acceptance, by family, friends, society and self is just one of the concerns the character will be going through. It is a part of life, and it should be portrayed. I was told, and am confident the storyline will be written very well and the change in the character will be organic, NOT overnight. It's going to be a great season 3. I look forward to chatting with you all as we progress."

The show returns on the CW September 13.

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