It's been nearly three years since Star Jones filed for divorce from Al Reynolds, but the exes still keep in touch--although their communication is largely limited to email, and steers clear of chatter about their dating lives, Reynolds tells TooFab.

Star Jones Al Reynolds
"Star and I, we do email one another, so there is some contact there," says Reynolds, in an interview with TooFab. And do they ever broach each others' dating lives? "No, no, no, no, no, not at all. I respect her, her privacy and she respects my privacy."

As for how Reynolds--who married Jones in an elaborate ceremony in 2004 in New York City--reflects on the Star Jones chapter of his life, he tells TooFab:

"I just want to say that everything has kind of been a learning experience, and when I look back on it, I say, 'OK, what's left for me to learn? How was I supposed to grow from it?' I feel like for me, I was pretty much raked over the coals, so the reference from that has done nothing but make me stronger, smarter and wiser. And a little bit more cautious to not make the same mistakes twice."

And that cautiousness shows: "Listen, I am single," he says. "I am dating, but I am dating no one seriously right now. But I am open."

Meanwhile, Reynolds, a veteran of Wall Street, is busy writing books and hosting a blog talk radio show, among other projects. "I have two books that I'm in the process of writing," he says. "One's working title is 'Debt Is Of The Devil.' It's like twelve months to financial freedom, or twelve months to get out of financial hell. Another book I've been approached to write is a book that's a little bit motivational and inspirational in nature, where it talks about the power of money, and I'm going to specifically target Americans of color."

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