Vinny Guadagnino from "Jersey Shore" makes his acting debut tonight on "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" -- and the show's star says Pauly D's BFF is a natural!

Paul Iacono, who plays the title character on the MTV show, tells TooFab "Believe it or not he actually can act and is actually very, very funny" -- adding that fans will be surprised to see him play "such an extrovert" as RJ's guido cousin.

Though Vinny's character teaches the "Berger" gang all about the "GTL" lifestyle and even gives RJ a "Jersey" makeover on the show, Iacono says Vinny was all business on set -- telling us "He could not have been more professional and really brought a lot of things to the character."

And while Paul said the writers and producers of the show are already talking about having Vinny back for the show's third season, he also gave a quick tease for Season Two.

"Well I can tell TooFab a couple of things. I can say that you will see RJ’s parents, who we know and love as a warm and affectionate couple, go through some serious marital issues resulting in separation," says Iacono.

Season Two premieres tonight after the season finale of "Jersey Shore."

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