Tia and Tamera Mowry have come a long way since their "Sister, Sister" days. The twins, now 33, are returning to the small screen for a reality TV series called "Tia & Tamera." The show will follow Tia's pregnancy and Tamera's wedding with Adam Housely, and debuts tonight on The Style Network.


TooFab spoke with the Mowrys about brides, babies, and boys -- which apparently they used to fight over. Read on below!

: What made you decide to do a reality show?

Tia: We felt we owed it to fans. Tamera and I have a built-in audience and we wanted to give back to them.
Tamera: I think because we have been private all of our lives that our fans had a yearning to see who we really are. And we wanted to show them.

TooFab: What tips do you have for first-time moms?

Tia: Be patient. Don't take everything so seriously. If he has a small scratch on his face, don't freak out. It's okay. And take it one day at a time.

TooFab: What advice do you have for brides so they don't become bridezillas?

Tamera: You should know up front that your wedding will not be perfect. My wedding planner, Mindi, prepared me for that from the beginning. Also, realize that your wedding isn't everything -- the marriage is. Live in the moment. The day goes by fast so be sure you are "present" for the day. My wedding wasn't perfect but it was amazing!

TooFab: How much did your life change doing a reality show?

Tia: Seeing myself on TV has allowed me to see what characteristics I should work on. I realized that I can be aggressive at times. I try to sit back and listen more.

Tamera: I am able to see myself as I am. When I look back at the show, it's kind of therapeutic. It's a mirror - you have no excuses. I don't take things as seriously now or jump to conclusions. I am still an emotional person but I am working on not acting out emotionally first but rather thinking it through.

TooFab: Do you ever babysit [Tia's son] Cree? And from spending time with him does that make you want to be a mother?

Tamera: I have watched him for 45 minutes at a time here and there, and I am definitely honing my babysitting skills and getting better with him every time. I am a little nervous because I soon will be watching him for 3-4 hours when Tia and Cory go on their first post-baby date. And I do think about having my own baby but when the time is right. Adam and I are thinking in two years we will start trying.

TooFab: What reality star do you look up to and who do you not want to end up like?

Tia: Heidi Klum. I love her! She is a mom, businesswoman, wife, fashion designer - and she is gorgeous.

TooFab: You and Tamera worked as actors together before but how does it differ working with each other behind the scenes with your production company?

Tia: It's a lot more fulfilling to work together on our production company. we are able to be ourselves. When we are in front of the camera, we are playing characters but behind the scenes, we can be ourselves and are a team. Yin and Yang. What I am not good at doing, Tamera is and vice versa. I think this is what makes our company thrive.

Tamera: As actors, we do what we are told to do. Dealing with our personalities, which are different, we learn to respect the different perspectives we have on how to run our production company.

TooFab: Do you think it’s easier to work together as adults rather than teens?

Tia: Teens! We were so alike when we were younger. Now that we are older, we are more set in our ways and in our opinions so now we have to convince the other why something is a great idea.

Tamera: Teens! We were like a unit as teens - we talked alike, we thought alike. But as we became older, we grew into our own, becoming two very different people.

TooFab: What is the worst fight you two have ever had? What was it about?

Tia: when we lived together in college, we would fight about guys the other dated who we didn't like. And Tamera remembers everything! So if we get into an argument, she will bring up something that happened way back. I am like - let it go.

Tamera: In college, we got into at least three big fights about boys. I wouldn't like who Tia dated or she didn't like who I dated.

TooFab: What is the one quality you admire in Tia/Tamera?

Tia: I sometimes say that Tamera lives in "la-la land," but I do love her sense of optimism. She is always so positive!

Tamera: I admire Tia's drive. She always strives to be the best in her career and never gives up.

TooFab: What can viewers look forward to seeing on this season of “Tia & Tamera?”

Tia: If you are fans of my sister and I, you can look forward to seeing what we are really like. You can see the vulnerable and emotional situations in our lives. I think it will be a treat for people to see us go through such wonderful experiences - and to share in that with us.

Tamera: It's going to be a lot of fun! There will be the bachelor party, bridal shower, baby shower, doctor visits ... you get to see a lot of our lives.

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