This year's MTV VMAs were surprisingly entertaining, with some spectacular music performances, and only one or two awkward moments (Cloris Leachmann and the "Jersey Shore" girls, anyone?). Even Kanye West behaved himself (despite having a scary moment when a fan rushed the stage).

Here are the top five moments of the night:

1. Beyonce's performance of "Love On Top"

A pregnant Beyonce Knowles sung and danced her way through a rousing routine of "Love On Top." At the end of the number, she unbutton her coat and rubbed her baby bump with the camera cutting away to her proud husband Jay-Z getting congratulated by Kanye West.


2. Adele's performance of "Someone Like You."

Adele proved that you don't need AutoTune, funky wigs, or back-up dancers to be a great artist.


3. Chris Brown's dance routine

In spite of all his well-publicized troubles, Chris Brown is a phenomenal talent. He tutted, strutted, and flew through the air (we can forgive the lip-syncing), and left the stage without mugging to the camera. He showed the world he is a headliner -- not a headline maker.


4. Lady Gaga's performance of "You and I"

Gaga stayed in her drag alter-ego Joe Calderon all night, including the show opener to "You and I." She is a true artist who stays committed to her craft.


5. Britney Spears dance tribute

What was supposed to be a big musical number was reduced to a montage of all her dance hits in double-time. What was interesting (or frightening) about the number was that all the performers seemed to be young girls. Britney did seem to have fun interacting with Gaga while being honored -- almost going in for another infamous girl-girl kiss.


Honorable mention:

The video clip of Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse recording the duet "Hear and Soul." Her performance was humble and haunting.

For complete coverage of the VMAs, check out the photos below:


The show also premiered the first teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games," watch Jennifer Lawrence in action as Katniss Everdeen below!

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