Abstinence advocate and tabloid regular Bristol Palin turns 21 today!

It's not easy being the daughter of Sarah Palin, especially growing up in a conservative family in a small Alaskan town to suddenly being thrust into the public eye with a teen pregnancy bombshell.


Bristol is not your average young adult and has already overcome some serious scandals. From the public controversy surrounding her pregnancy and on-again/off-again relationship with baby daddy Levi Johnston, to her trials and tribulations on "Dancing With the Stars," Bristol has lived a lifetime's worth of memorable moments in her short 21 years. She'll surely have more of them to come (and publish another divisive memoir).

As Bristol embarks on this adult chapter of her life, we look back at her most notorious moments in the limelight. Click on the "Launch Gallery" button above to see all of our favorite Bristol shockers!

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