Tom Cruise turns the big 5-0 today!

The "Rock of Ages" star’s shocking split from Katie Holmes will probably put a damper on his milestone birthday, but we’re sure he’ll bounce back … he already has two times before!

Ever since Tom hit the big screen in 1983 with his shirtless cameo in "Endless Love," he’s given us plenty of unforgettable moments … the good, the bad and the strange.

So in celebration of the ageless star (literally), we’ve pulled together some of his most memorable moments! Enjoy.

1. In 2008, Tom explained his dedication to Scientology … and let’s just say he comes off pretty passionate about the subject.

2. In 2005, Tom visited the "Oprah Winfrey Show" where he confessed his love for Katie Holmes and infamously jumped for joy on the couch and shook Oprah in excitement.

3. In 2010, Tom took the stage at the MTV Movie Awards in his Les Grossman garb and did a hilarious choreographed dance with Ludicrous and Jennifer Lopez!

4. Tom called NBC’s Matt Lauer a “glib” on the "Today Show" while he was defending Scientology, proclaiming to Matt “You don’t know the history of Psychiatry, I do.”

5. Tom went on "Late Night with David Letterman" and could not stop laughing uncontrollably.

Not all of Tom’s headline-making moments have been caught on camera … so we’ve also pulled some pictures of Tom through the years!

From his on-screen-turned off-screen relationships with four different co-stars (yes, four) to his Brooke Shield's bashing and even his latest role as a reckless rock star in "Rock of Ages," check out the gallery below to see more of his memorable moments.

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