Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globe Awards win for Best Actress was met with online backlash -- after she made an apparent diss at Meryl Streep.

But now J-Law insists she didn't mean to insult the legendary actress, calling her opponents "idiots."

When accepting her award for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook" Sunday night, Lawrence began her acceptance speech by saying "I beat Meryl" -- something many interpreted as a slight on Streep.

Even Lindsay Lohan, who was tweeting along with the show, was insulted -- posting "no1 should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep."

Well now Jennifer is addressing the negative reaction to her speech, speaking out on Tuesday's "The Late Show with David Letterman."

"It's never a good idea for me to wing it," Lawrence said of her speech. "It was a quote from 'First Wives Club.' I can't believe nobody's ever done it before."

In case you've never seen the movie (and you should), check out the clip below:

"It was so perfect and I said it and I had no idea Lindsay Lohan would take to the Twitterverse ... Twitter is very upset," she added.

"All of a sudden I hate Meryl Streep," says the 22-year-old actress. "I wanted to make a public statement like "Hey idiots, it's a quote from a movie!"

Check out the video above to see if she's heard from Streep since the show -- and see photos from the red carpet below.


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