FYI, don't ever try to drunkenly crash a live news report with Jessica Sanchez. She will own you.

The pretty traffic anchor and reporter for WKMG Local 6 in Orlando was sent to New Orleans to cover the upcoming Super Bowl and its surrounding festivities. Of course, what would NOLA be without drunken shenanigans on Bourbon Street?

As Jessica begins her report talking about the "zombies" that are wandering around late at night, she is greeted by one such 49ers fan who very excitedly, and drunkenly, crashes the live hit.

In an effort to deter the partycrasher, Sanchez takes the funniest approach we may have seen from a reporter -- asking the fan how long she's had an STD.

Game, set, match, Sanchez.

Watch the full video above to see the brilliant way Jessica handles the situation, and how the shocked drunken fan reacts.

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