Teens might think it's still cool to ask their favorite celebrities to prom, but Jimmy Kimmel is so over it.

During his late-night monologue Wednesday, the comedian called for an end to "celebrity promposals."

After sharing the story of Kylie Jenner attending prom with a Sacramento kid this past weekend, and another of a teen who asked Emma Stone to prom in a elaborate "La La Land" recreation, Kimmel wants everyone to know he's had enough.

"It’s a cute story," Kimmel said. "I know, I get it, but it’s also terrible and it has to be stopped."

“Listen, kid: Emma Stone, whether she is in London or not, doesn’t want to go to the prom with you. At all. It’s probably the last thing that she wants to do, and not because she’s in London working. She doesn’t want to go to a dance with you because she’s 28, and 28-year-old people don’t want to go on dates with 16-year-old children because it’s creepy."

He continued to talk about how most of these celebrities (particularly women) are forced to respond avoiding being looked at "like a jerk."

"Why do we find it so socially acceptable for a boy to ask an adult celebrity on a date? What if it was the other way around? What if Shailene Woodley —- no, you know what -- what if Shia LaBeouf showed up at a high school looking for a date? He’d be arrested, right? He’d be beaten and arrested. But when this kid asks Emma Stone, oh it’s adorable."

"In fact, this is a hostage situation, because if Emma Stone didn’t write him a letter, she would look like a jerk.”

Kimmel concluded his rant with the simple suggestion to kids looking for a prom date.

"Kids, don’t look for your prom date in Us Weekly. It’s not cute” he said. “Selena Gomez doesn’t want to make out with you, okay? Go to the cafeteria, find someone your own age, and paw him or her in the back of a limo.”

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