'Daily Show' Slammed for 'Transphobic' Tweet

"The Daily Show" caught the wrath of social media after the show tweeted out a "transphobic" poll on Twitter Wednesday.

It happened just moments after news broke that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was recorded saying that he believed Vladamir Putin was making payments to Donald Trump prior to his primary election win in June of 2016.

"The Daily Show" has caught on to the fact that new scandals from the White House seem to break out each day, and the Comedy Central show tweeted out a since-deleted poll asking followers to pick what the big news for Thursday would be.


One of the four choices reads "D. Donald Trump announces he is now Donna Trump," and some people were not happy, because they perceived it as a joke at the expensive of the transgender community.

"The Daily Show" has not returned TooFab's request for comment.

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