It was a given with Chelsea Handler joining "The View" Monday morning that the Trump conversation would take some interesting turns ... but it really exceeded expectations!

The censors at ABC had their fingers on the censor button when Whoopi Goldberg starting talking about the Trump administration's affect on her nether regions.

The conversation started innocently enough, with Handler and the panel talking about the president's trip to the Middle East.

"I'm hoping they keep him," joked Chelsea. "Wouldn't it be nice if they took him and treated him like they treat the women?"

"I'd take Melania back. The hand thing was great," she added, referencing the First Lady shooing Donald's hand away earlier today. "There's only one bed on Air Force One, where is Melania sleeping?!"

She then called his whole presidency "really entertaining," before Goldberg asked Handler what people were saying in D.C. on her recent trip to the capital.

"They're pretty scared. Everybody just doesn't understand what's happening," she explained. "People are like, what's gonna happen next? Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. I really don't know. Every time I think it's the end, its not."

That's when Goldberg took it to the next level.

"It's like a horror sci-fi movie. You're living your life and suddenly there's the monster! And your panties are wet, the whole thing. For all the wrong reasons," she exclaimed. While the censors attempted to bleep her, the panties remark made it through unscathed.

"I have a fantasy, I want Melania to come out and divorce him," Handler continued. "She would be an American hero. We would embrace her if she just said listen, 'This guy's disgusting, I know all his dirty secrets!"

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