James Corden and Ed Sheeran went for a drive in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, where the two belted out songs off Sheeran's new album, but more fascinating than their pipes was the number of Maltesers they could each stuff into their mouths.

After learning Sheeran could fit 47 of the British chocolate candies into his mouth at once, Corden paused their "Carpool Karaoke" session to challenge the "Shape of You" singer.

Corden spit them out after barely fitting in No. 26, and Sheeran beat his record by eight.

Corden also asked Sheeran what life was like walking around Hollywood phone-less and internet-less.

"I actually don't have a phone anymore," the U.K. native confessed. "I had a phone for like two weeks and then I just didn't charge it."

"I'd wake up every morning and there'd be like 50 messages, and none of them would say, 'Hey, how're you?' It'd be like, 'Can I have this?' 'Can you lend me this?' 'Can you do this?' 'Can I get this?' And it was fine in the beginning, but it just got really, really draining," he said.

So what has Sheeran been up to since leaving the world of incessant text messages and umpteen social media notifications? Traveling.

And getting drunk with Justin Bieber.

Sheeran recounted the time he and Bieber were in Tokyo together.

"It was just him. No security or anything," Sheeran said. "He came to this really, really filthy dive bar. Oh, God, we ended up at this gold course, and he put a golf ball in his mouth and said, 'Go on, hit it out.' And I was pretty hammered."

"I cracked him across the face!" Sheeran admitted with shame. "But he was actually really cool about it."

Corden and Sheeran then sang a rendition of Bieber's "Love Yourself," followed by One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." (R.I.P.)

The video segment from Corden's "Late Late Show" had a whopping 2 million YouTube views after having been up for only 6 hours.

Ah, the power of a soulful ginger.

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