It Took Kim Kardashian 10 Hours to Realize That Alleged Cocaine Wasn't Sugar Either
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There's been another ridiculous twist in the Kim Kardashian-cocaine saga.

At around 8:15PM on Tuesday night -- 10 hours after saying the alleged drugs seen behind her in a Snapchat video was sugar -- the reality star gave a new update to her fans on what was really in the shot.

"OMG you guys!!! Check my snap chats or insta stories I'm crying!!! That was not candy on my table! The table was marble this whole time," she posted across her social networks.

She then shared video proving her point, one and for all:

Earlier in the day, a fan called her out for seemingly forgetting to hide her drugs before going onto Snapchat. Kim attempted to shut down the allegations with the tweet below:

Even Chrissy Teigen chimed in to defend Kim, jokingly tweeting, "What kind of coke head lines up the drugs and just...doesn't do them."

Despite her support, not everyone on social media was buying Kim's initial explanation. This latest update, however, seemed to do the trick.

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