Harry Styles has confirmed an internet rumor that he does, in fact, have four nipples.

The singer is set to appear on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show "Chelsea" on Friday, and a clip from the upcoming episode reveals more than just his outstanding body parts.

"There's a rumor on the internet that you have four nipples. Have you heard?" Handler asks, to which Styles swiftly replies "correct" before pointing to their exact location.

During the rapid fire style interview, Handler asked Styles a number of various random things, alongside a few questions about his role in the upcoming "Dunkirk," which has critics praising his surprisingly good acting skills.

Has he ever high-fived Justin Timberlake? No. Is his real name Harold? Not exactly.

Before the conclusion of the interview, Handler had one last question for Styles. "Do you find yourself sexually attracted to me?" Handler asks. A flustered (and confused) Styles quickly replied "sure."

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