Ian Harding Is Down for 'Pretty Little Liars' Reboot With Nudity, Shay Mitchell Dead: 'Gotta 'Game of Thrones' It Really Hard' (Exclusive Video)
A Look Back at 'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season

The actor tells TooFab: "I want it to get rebooted by like, HBO. Because the ante's gotta be up."

After seven drama-filled seasons, Freeform's hit teen murder mystery, "Pretty Little Liars" wrapped up its "Who's A?" puzzle and bid adieu to fans in June. But TooFab caught up with PLL's sexy leading man Ian Harding at the 2017 Television Industry Advocacy Awards and of course we had to ask the reboot question.

When asked if he'd be game for a return to Rosewood, Harding told TooFab without hesitation: "Yeah."

But a potential return would come with some conditions and suggestions (which we at TooFab wholeheartedly agree with most of).

"I want it to get rebooted by like, HBO. Because the ante's gotta be up," Harding said. "I mean, like, we gotta 'Game of Thrones' it, really hard."

If you're wondering what exactly shying away from the PG-13 label would entail for Harding, he went on to say,

"First episode, Shay Mitchell. Dead. That's gotta happen. We gotta like, up the ante. Like, so much nudity and violence, that's what's gotta happen."

We're not saying it will definitely happen, but we are 1000 percent on board for some Ian Harding nudity.

See what else Harding told TooFab about a potential "PLL" reboot:

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