Patti Stanger Has a Blind Date and It's Beyond Awkward (Exclusive)
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"Oh my god, I forgot how awkward first dates are," the reality star says after her date takes a cringeworthy turn.

Even the "Million Dollar Matchmaker" herself can end up in the most uncomfortable of first dates.

The tables are turned on Patti Stanger in TooFab's exclusive sneak peek at Friday's "Love Blows," which sees the reality TV star getting set up by LuvBizChicago.

"It feels awful to be in the hot seat, this is what my clients feel like. But you know what, there are great guys in this town," she explains. "What I go for is 6'2" and DILFS 'R' Us. I love men who have kids. I want the Alpha male, because I'm a Beta at home. So Beta is sweet and sensitive and quiet and angelic and I get pet like cat. That's who I am."

Unfortunately for Patti, that's not exactly the type of guy who shows up.

"Oh my god, I forgot how awkward first dates are," she says in a confessional after small talk with her suitor gets downright cringeworthy. "Men are intimidated by me, I don't date those guys."

The clip ends with her date in desperate need of a drink.

"Love Blows" airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WE tv.

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