Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Trump and Republicans for Falsely Labeling Obamacare a 'Disaster'
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"If someone has to keep telling you something is a disaster, it probably isn't one," Kimmel says.

Mean tweets weren't the only highlight of Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The ABC late-night host went into Round 4 of his very public bashing of the GOP's new health care bill.

Over the course of an "emotional weekend," Kimmel was overwhelmed with evidence that the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obamacare, is not the "disaster" President Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican party would like Americans to believe.

"I had an emotional weekend," Kimmel said during his monologue (below). "I was in three cities over the weekend, and also a charity Saturday night, met so many people who came up to me. Almost every one was a stranger, wanting to tell me that the Affordable Care Act ... saved or drastically improved their lives, members of their family's lives, and/or their children's lives. They came up to me, 'Mr. Fallon, thank you for speaking out.'"

"I saw pictures of children who are not well, people got teared up, quite a few of these people told me they're Republicans," Kimmel said. "Republican people, not politicians. There's a very big difference."

Kimmel doesn't understand how politicians are drawing conclusions that "Obamacare is a disaster" when the stories coming from American citizens who identify as Republican prove otherwise.

"Did anyone have to convince you Hurricane Harvey was a disaster? No, because it was a disaster. If someone has to keep telling you something is a disaster, it probably isn't one," he said, then played a lengthy montage of broken record Trump proclaiming, "Obamacare is a disaster."

"Someone needs to get him a thesaurus already," Kimmel joked.

He went on to praise Sen. John McCain's bravery for coming out against the current Republican healthcare bill, even though it is sponsored by one of his closest friends in the building, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. The late-night host also celebrated Republican Sen. Susan Collins for announcing that she will also vote "no" to the bill.

"Which means the bill is almost certainly dead," Kimmel said. "That's great news. The best news is now I can go back to talking about the Kardashians."

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