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"I don't think he realizes Puerto Rico is part of the United States," jokes Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg and the women of "The View" took aim at, who else, Donald Trump again Tuesday morning, shredding him for his tweets about hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

After attacking NFL players all weekend long, Trump finally tweeted about the devastation Hurricane Maria caused in the United States territory on Monday evening. His message, however, was divisive, because many interpreted it as a dig rather than a message of hope.

"I'm not sure that's what they needed to hear right now from the guy who was supposed to be running the country," Goldberg said at the top of the show. "I wonder if he realizes these are American citizens in Puerto Rico, this is part of America."

"What they need to hear right now is help is on the way, because they're having hysteria," Sara Haines added. "People can't reach them an they cant reach anyone else. When you're going through this, fear is the dominant thing. Someone needs to say we got you. Criticize the political structure later."

Sunny Hostin also criticized Trump for mentioning the island's "massive debt."

"Puerto Rico doesn't have bankruptcy laws, so when you get into trouble you can't bail yourself out, like Trump did three times with his businesses," she said. After Hostin then asked why Trump hasn't visited PR yet, Whoopi joked, "He doesn't know where it is."

"These are our brothers and sisters, these are our people, so if we can help, we should," Goldberg added.

Trump is planning to visit Puerto Rico next Tuesday.

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