'The View' Shades 'Nasty' Omarosa After White House Departure
The Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"She's really, truth be told, she's really a pariah in the African American community," says Sunny Hostin.

The women of "The View" kicked off Thursday's show by proclaiming, "The White House has claimed another victim."

The morning show turned its sights towards Omarosa, after the former White House liaison was ousted from her position on Wednesday. While there are reports the former "Apprentice" star was fired, she claims she resigned. "And when I can tell my story, it is a profound story that I know the world will want to hear," she teased on "GMA."

"Her job was outreach, why was there still only one African American woman [in the White House]?" asked Sara Haines, before Sunny Hostin jumped in to give her POV.

"She's really, truth be told, she's really a pariah in the African American community," said Sunny. "She's always sort of been the villain and her job as Director of Outreach in the African American community was sort of a slap in the face in the African American community."

Meghan McCain took the opportunity to address the bigger picture, saying Trump's cabinet in general has one overarching problem.

"What's fascinating to me about the White House in general, traditionally in politics when you are staffing, for a principle, one of the main things you want are people who will not be seen and not be heard and fade into the background," she said. "That's what great campaigns and predecessors do. I want people in politics that don't want book deals, who, quite frankly, don't want to guest host 'The View.' If you want to be in media, be in media."

McCain also pointed to what she saw as a "new trend where everyone in the Trump White House wants to continue on the president's legacy of reality television and continue to be famous and write books of that nature."

"Trump said, 'I'm going to have the best people,' if these are the best, who are the worst?" joked Joy Behar.

Whoopi Goldberg brought the conversation to a close by throwing some shade at Omarosa -- who appeared on the show earlier this year -- but bit her tongue when it came to what she really thinks about her.

"You said some stuff here that, you know, wasn't very nice. That happens. You mentioned that we would all be bowing down," she said. "And so, I hope you find something to do, O. I do. I hope that you find your people, because maybe they're looking for you. She's just been so nasty to so many women and so many women of color and I just, you know ... never mind."

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