What Happened to 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' Couples After the Show?

TooFab recaps Arie and Krystal’s weird chemistry, Florida loving and Maquel’s pointless return.

It’s official: Krystal will never leave season 22 of "The Bachelor."

Like even when star Arie Luyendyk Jr., picks someone else to be his wife –- and he will pick someone else -– Krystal will still linger in the background just to annoy everyone. What’s craziest of all is that Krystal’s bratty ways even annoyed Arie Monday night, but he still gave the guileful fitness coach a rose. A rose!

Seriously, dude? This woman is so manipulative she threw a tantrum and decided to stay up in her room after the bowling challenge because Arie invited all the women instead of the winning team alone. An obviously miffed Arie even went to talk to Krystal during episode five about her bad attitude. "I don’t know what to do with Krystal," Arie exclaimed but it was all bark and no bite.

In the end, Arie is clearly attracted to the 29-year-old Montana native. And the more shenanigans Krystal causes, the more Arie wants to keep her around.

Never mind the fact that poor Maquel came back to the show after attending her grandfather’s funeral in Utah only to be sent home. Arie also sent Ashley and Marikh packing because they lack the demented gleam in their eyes and that “sexy baby” voice Krystal relies upon far too often.

10 Is the Magic Number

The only semblance of justice is the fact that Arie gave Krystal a rose last. It’s cold comfort but comfort all the same. Arie also had one-on-one dates around Florida with Chelsea and Tia and he gave them both roses, too. Now, 10 women remain.

As for those one-on-one dates, Chelsea worked hard to prove to Arie she’s more than a single mom. And Tia professed her love for him while chomping on deep-fried frog legs. Hee haw!

Rose Red Flags

Krystal isn’t the only one sending up red flags. All of the remaining women care just a little too much about Krystal almost to the point of obsession.

Meanwhile, Tia’s eagerness to please Arie is a little disappointing. They don’t even share the same religious beliefs –- she grew up going to church all the time and Arie doesn’t really believe in God. But Tia, 26, is so smitten she’s willing to overlook her personal beliefs and his. Good luck with that.

Lauren B, 26, cries too much. She proved this after tearing up because Krystal wouldn’t give her straight answers after reemerging during the group date. Don’t cry over Krystal, Lauren B. You’re better than that.

Lastly, Arie did some pretty wacky things aside from keeping Krystal around including licking a bowling ball. His awkward goodbye with restaurant owner Marikh, 27, after the rose ceremony, is also cause for pause as are his occasionally shallow dinner conversations.

But Arie is still a charmer and with each week he grows closer and closer to Bekah M and Tia –- two women who will likely make it to the finale.

"The Bachelor" season 22 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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