'The Bachelor' Season 22 Contestants

TooFab recaps which of the 18 contestants insulted Arie Luyendyk’s man parts and who tried to shame him the most

In a perfect world, the brokenhearted would be able to confront the people who hurt them and get the closure they needed.

Well, "The Bachelor" is far from perfect but one of the best aspects about ABC’s beloved reality franchise is that the women who didn’t get chosen get to come back and air their grievances. In the case of Arie Luyendyk Jr., the complaints and questions from the women Sunday night varied from the offensive –- what did Krystal say about Arie’s man junk?! –- to the mysterious.

Seriously, what does Caroline know and which of the three finalists did Arie hurt? Unfortunately, we won’t find out for sure until the Season 22 finale next week but until then, let’s enjoy the tea that did get spilled.

Krystal: The Voice, The Mess, The Legend

Krystal overstayed her welcome in the mansion and each week that Arie didn’t kick her off, she became increasingly manipulative and duplicitous. As a result, nearly every woman on the platform had a Krystal-tinged horror story about how the 29-year-old fitness coach did or said something to make things awkwardly competitive.

But what the women didn’t know is that Krystal is worse than they thought and a forgotten microphone caught her calling Arie "a needle (rhymes with stick)" and all of the women an offensive word that rhymes with "blunt." The women also exposed Krystal for using her sexy whisper voice with Arie instead of her real voice.

Of course Arie didn’t realize the full extent of Krystal’s trickery until he watched the series. So when she came to him saying she felt like their goodbye was cold, Arie clapped back explaining now that he knows who Krystal really is, he wishes he had kicked her off sooner.

"It just sucks to see how you actually were," Arie told Krystal before he learned what she had called his penis. "I feel like there was a whole other side to you that I didn’t see until I watched it back. The comments that you made were not only hurtful to me, they were hurtful to them and it doesn’t make me happy. I feel like maybe I dragged it on way longer than I should have."

He added this while watching from home:

## Wondering Why With Tia, Bekah M. and Seinne Tia is still shedding tears over Arie because the wounds of her broken heart haven’t quite healed. Again she asked Arie if he wasn’t sure, why did he send her home and again Arie said it was him not her. It didn’t matter that Tia’s family loved him or that she had fallen in love with Arie. In the end, Arie didn’t feel that way about her but he wished her well. After all, Bekah M. is still smarting over Tia’s choice to tell Arie that she’s too young for marriage. That is why Bekah M. confronted Tia at "The Bachelor" reunion, adding that Tia is the one with a lack of relationship experience. Bakah M. also confronted Arie and questioned whether or not he was more insecure about her age than anyone else. Arie admitted that Bekah M’s age became a deterrent but only because he wants a wife and kids relatively soon. As for Seinne, Arie didn’t have a definitive explanation for why he ghosted her but she did tell host Chris Harrison that she’s single but dating. At least Arie had kind words for her on Twitter. Seinne also said it felt good to be a role model for girls who look like her but who don’t know love is possible for them too. You know what else is possible? Arie is going to do something crazy before choosing his bride-to-be and apparently make the upcoming finale a history maker. Hmm. What could it be? _"The Bachelor" Season 22 penultimate finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. _ See the Ring! ABC 'The Bachelor Winter Games' Couple Clare Crawley and Benoit are Engaged

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