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Romance ramps up in Peru -- but not without drama.

Unless your girlfriend lived in a cave or a convent, chances are she has an ex-boyfriend or three. But no one expects that former love interest to pop up while you're on vacation in Peru.

That's exactly what happened on the latest installment of "The Bachelor" Monday night. Becca K's one-time boyfriend of seven years woke up one day, after hearing that she is on the reality series with Arie Luyendyk Jr., and decided to hop on a plane and fly to Peru. Peru! That's crazy all by itself.

What is even crazier is that the producers tried to pretend they didn't want him there because clearly they have security in place to prevent such things. But the drama of interjecting Ross (that's his name, by the way) was just too juicy to resist, so we got Ross. Raise your hand if you laughed out loud when Ross and Arie first met and greeted each other with a good old friendly "Hey, dude." Poor Arie. He had no idea.

Thankfully, Becca K shut down that nonsense, and Mr. Seven Year Itch sulked away with his ego barely in tact. "Hey, guy! Don't forget your flowers." The only thing missing from this scene was OMD's "If You Leave."

Peruvian Fantasy Suites

Before Ross arrived, things had been getting hot and heavy between Arie and Becca K. They enjoyed Arie's third and final date of the episode by sailing around on a catamaran, and later cozying up in a tent in the desert. They even said the "L" word to one another.

But after Ross' visit, Arie started doubting the strength of his relationship with Becca K because she had been with Ross for so long. Meanwhile, his second date with Lauren B proved challenging in other ways. That's because Lauren B has doubts and fears that if she devotes herself to Arie, he will break her heart.

Arie reassured her the best he could but said if he had to keep making her feel at ease with him, they'd never get to know each other. Love prevailed in the end, when both Lauren B and Arie said "I love you" over dinner and then headed to a suite.

If you're keeping score, you know Arie has professed his love for Lauren B and Becca K. Oddly enough, it seems as though Arie truly believes this, and he'll have to figure out Monday when the finale airs just who he loves more.

Rose Red Flags

In contrast, Arie didn't seem to be too torn up that he had to break up with Kendall in order to give Lauren B and Becca K roses. Sure, he and Kendall did whatever men and women do in those fantasy suites, but Arie ultimately decided Kendall is better to date and play around with than to marry.

It also didn't help that Kendall is the only girl who didn't get an "I love you" from Arie. That's a red flag. Oddly, he kicked off Tia last week to keep Kendall around. But then again, he dumped Bekah M the week before that to hang on to Tia. This man has a pattern, that’s all we’re saying.

With a sometimes aloof Lauren B and the ghosts of boyfriends past haunting Becca K, Arie will have to decide which shortcoming he can tolerate more. Or he could choose to date someone not on he show.

"The Bachelor" Season 22 finale airs Monday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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