'America's Next Top Model' Meltdown: Brawny Men and Body Paint Don't Mix Well For Some Contestants
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'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 24 -- Meet the Models

Sandra worries her Muslim community will shun her, and Khrystyana -- who revealed last week she was once molested -- can't get comfortable alongside a male model.

This week's challenge on "America's Next Top Model" was all about slaying it on social media by creating unexpected content, but before the eight hopefuls were taken to their photo shoot alongside brawny male models, Tyra Banks taught the girls how to take a proper selfie.

According to Mama Ty, you have to #SLAY (so look at yourself), #CIAO (crop it all out) and #DropItLow in order to get a successful mirror shot. In English, that translates to make sure you're looking at yourself and not your phone, crop out your phone from the photo, and keep the phone at a low angle to get the whole outfit. On behalf of Tyra, you're welcome.

Jeana ended up winning the challenge, meaning she won a feature on Jourdan Dunn's Instagram page, which is a pretty big deal considering the supermodel and fashion designer has 2 million followers.

The models were then challenged to pose in a photo shoot "celebrating big, sexy, thick, delicious, brawny men." And because Jeana won the challenge, she got to pose with Zach Miko, the world's first brawny male supermodel.

Dressed down in just tiny bikinis and lathered up in gold paint, the models were each paired with a male model and instructed to bring it, but only some of them did.

The women as a whole seemed to suffer with this shoot: Sandra worried her Muslim community would shun her for taking a sexy photo with a man who's not her fiancé, Khrystyana -- who revealed last week she was molested as a child -- could not get comfortable making physical contact with her assigned model, and Erin struggled with understanding the concept and impact of social media.

In the end, though, Erin -- the 42-year-old mom of three -- ended up slaying her shoot and winning best photo. Sandra was sent home.

"America's Next Top Model" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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