Every 'Walking Dead' Death: From Satisfying to Heartbreaking

There's one key moment in this preview clip which gives us more faith in a theory we cooked up after watching the penultimate episode.

After a season's worth of teasing this title fight between Rick and Negan, "All Out War" will finally go down next Sunday on "The Walking Dead," hopefully bringing an end to this seemingly never-ending blood feud.

AMC released a trailer for the finale after Sunday's new episode, as well as a sneak peek clip of a scene between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt). Put the two together, and we've got a pretty solid theory about what's going to play out.

"We are worse than we were and we can't go back, so let's just finish this," Morgan (Lennie James) tells Rick (Andrew Lincoln), who's seen leading a heavily-armed group of survivors into battle. Among his warriors: Michonne, Carol, Maggie, Rosita, Daryl, Jerry, Dianne and newcomer Siddiq. There are brief glimpses of Dwight in the Saviors' traitor garb, Jadis chilling in her junkyard and Eugene pulling a gun on Gabriel.

What we don't see: Any sign of the Saviors firing back at anyone. Why? Here's where our theory comes into play.

In the clip AMC released between Negan and Eugene, the mulleted-wonder gives the Big Bad a bullet to test. He tells him that he "personally quality controlled" each and every piece of ammunition himself, before suggesting that the best plan of attack would be to fire on Team Rick in "one fell swoop."

Our theory: Eugene gave Negan one of the few working bullets he made to test, while supplying the Saviors with ones that will backfire and injure/kill them when they take aim. By telling them to attack all at once, none of them will learn about the bad bullets until it's too late.

We'll find out if we're right on Sunday, April 15. Sound off with your own theories below!

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