Melania Trump's Best Fashion Moments

Laura Benanti returns as the faux first lady in another hilarious chat with Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert wanted to know if Melania Trump feels like "a prisoner of the White House," so he had the first lady herself -- as played by Laura Benanti -- appear to answer.

Colbert talked to "The Late Show" FLOTUS at length about French President Emmanuel Macron's first state dinner with Donald Trump, after which Macron's wife, Brigitte, told The Guardian that Melania is so constrained she "can’t even open a window at the White House."

"Fake news, Stephen," Benanti's Melania said. "There is no need for me to open a window. At least until my hair grows out long enough for Emmanuel Macron to climb up and save me."

The meeting between the two world leaders was ridiculed on Twitter for many reasons, including Melania's wide-brimmed hat blocking a kiss from her husband.

"Now people worry that you're not close to your husband in part because of this video where he goes for a kiss and is blocked by your hat," Colbert said, to which the fake FLOTUS responded, "I just happen to enjoy high fashion. In fact, I bought a new hat today."

The hat, though, was covered in barbed wire.

Colbert also asked the faux first lady if she thought the Madame Tussauds wax figure looked anything like her.

"No, she looks nothing like me. She looks more like a wax figure of that stupid actress that plays me...stick to singing," Benanti's Melania said, in reference to Benanti, who is a Broadway star when she's not impersonating the first lady. "But they did get one detail right: Wax Melania won't hold Donald hand's either."

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