Stephen Colbert Has Some Fine Gift Ideas for Trump-Loving Moms on 'MAGA's Day'
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Your mother will love this "Grab Them by the Brunch" t-shirt.

Stephen Colbert kicked off "The Late Show" Friday with a few Mother's Day gift ideas for all the MAGA-loving mamas in your life.

Before his usual verbal thrashing of Donald Trump and his administration in his monologue, Colbert aired a fake commercial advertising all of the Mother's Day gifts available through Trump's online store.

"This Mother's Day, get your mother something she really wants from the Donald J. Trump online store," a soothing voiceover says while showing off actual MAGA products, like a "Women for Trump" t-shirt and a "Make America Great Again" pink hat.

"But that's not all," the narrator added before moving onto the stuff Colbert's writers made up, like a "Grab Them by the Brunch" shirt and a box of candy with a wall dividing the dark and white chocolate. They even managed a hilarious nod to Trump's pretty clear favoritism of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, over the rest of his children.

"Just a reminder folks, Sunday is Mother's Day. Or as Mike Pence calls it, Karen's Day," Colbert joked at the top of his monologue, referencing the vice president's wife. The VP's devotion to Karen is so high, he famously said he would not dine with another woman without his wife by his side.

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