Rachel Maddow Apologizes for On-Air Breakdown Over Fate of Immigrant Children
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"Ugh, I'm sorry," the MSNBC anchor said following the breakdown. "If nothing else, it is my job to actually be able to speak while I'm on TV."

Rachel Maddow was overcome with emotion while discussing children getting separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border on "The Rachel Maddow Show" Tuesday evening.

The MSNBC anchor began discussing how infants and toddlers under the age of 3 have been taken from their parents at the the border of South Texas and Mexico and put into "tender age" shelters, but she got so choked up, she had to cut the segment early.

"This is incredible," Maddow said during her segment, reading a news update from the Associated Press. "Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children..."

"Oh, hold on," she said midway through her sentence. Maddow tried to continue, but she ended up handing the segment off to a correspondent in Brownsville, Texas.

After the emotional clip aired, Maddow took to Twitter to apologize for the breakdown and share an outline of what she meant to say during the broadcast.

"Ugh, I'm sorry," she wrote in a series of tweets. "If nothing else, it is my job to actually be able to speak while I'm on TV. What I was trying to do -- when I suddenly couldn't say/do anything -- was read this lede."

Maddow then shared the AP article she attempted to read on air, adding, "Again, I apologize for losing it there for a moment. Not the way I intended that to go, not by a mile."

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