The Thirstiest Photos of Becca's 'Bachelorette' Suitors

And one man mumbles through what could have been a much better speech.

This week on "The Bachelorette," the show tried to prove that the contestants have nothing to lose in their quest for Becca's heart.

But, like, shouldn't Becca Kufrin's heart be the thing to lose? Isn't that what makes it good TV?

Uh, ABC may have started down a slippery slope. Stick with us as we look at this week's Rose Red Flags.

Chris Sets a Dangerous Precedent

Okay, so we're mainly talking about Chris when it comes to the "nothing to lose" trash. Chris' overconfidence has been bringing this entire season down, man. We don't like him one bit, and the verbal confrontations were ridiculous. Even if it's all fake for TV, it's just the most annoying thing -- it's like nobody can focus on Becca and what she wants and needs!

We can't believe he just walked to her hotel like that's okay. Why would she let him in? How is that fair for the other guys? Is it going to set a creepy precedent for future seasons?

We are just glad that he's GONE, BABY! WOOOOO!


Jason's One-On-One Date Gets Deep

Jason earned a date rose tonight because of how he opened up -- and Becca feels like she connected on a whole new level. The thing is, despite all his opening up, we still cannot see him winning. Honestly at this point, we're not sure we can see anyone winning this thing, other than maybe sentient mouth-smile Garrett.

Other Group Date Red Flags: Dogs, Past Relationships and LIES

With the fluff questions out of the way -- best date in Virginia (dog park?), talking about vulnerability -- Chris went for the throat in front of a crowd looking for an easy afternoon watching a bunch of grown men compete for the love of a grown woman.

He brought up that some of the men in the group are NOT here for Becca, but instead spoke about dirty laundry and stupid drama.

Was he lying? Was Lincoln lying (especially now we know about his shitty past IRL)? It's just bringing everyone down regardless. We're so tired of it and SO glad Chris is gone.

Becca Is Spending Too Much Time with Petty Drama

On one hand, she needs to. Standing up to it, against it, is great. On the other hand, she just sent everyone packing who goes out of their way to be douchebags to each other.

The show would only have a week left if that happens, though, so we get it. We suppose we're going to weather this bullshit for Becca's sake because she deserves all the dates she needs to make the right decision -- but how will she ever focus with all these garbage distractions?

Red Flag: Wills Mumbled His Way Through Saying He's Falling in Love

Wills, man, we like that you're opening up with your emotions -- but you gotta be clear! We're glad we got the gist of your speech (that you're falling in love), but holy crap man! We were worried Becca might not know anything you were saying.

It worked, though, because he got the final rose.

Sorry, Connor. Not so sorry, Lincoln.

Leo Gets His One-On-One!

Leo's not gonna win, but we sure like him and his drama-free attitude. His hair reminds us of really pretty snakes, snakes that don't bite you or scare you, that would gently flick their tongue against the nape of your neck when they're happy.

Unfortunately, Becca was in her head almost the entire time, until she brought up all the drama from the day before. Not fair for Leo. Luckily, Leo handled it the best that he could -- by shuckin' some f--kin' oysters! Also by saying nice things.

But mostly the oysters. And the pulled-back hair.

Oh, and he got a date rose! Not gonna win, but we’re happy he’s still around.

Chris Harrison Rose Count: Nada

Becca. What are you waiting for? Make history!

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