Jimmy Kimmel is earning praise as one of the best Oscars hosts of all time, and now you can watch one of the comedian's funniest stunts on repeat.

The late-night comedian took his long-running faux feud with Matt Damon to the next level on Sunday by skewering the Oscar winner's performance in "We Bought a Zoo" in front of the entire world.

"The thing about Matt is you can see how hard he's working," Kimmel said in a fake tribute to the Cameron Crowe family drama. "It's so effortful for him."

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"That's the thing about Matt, he has almost no discernible talent, but he works" Kimmel concluded in the pre-taped sketch that followed movie stars Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen heaping actual praise on their favorite movies earlier in the evening.

But Kimmel didn't stop there. When Damon took the stage alongside his best friend Ben Affleck, who co-wrote their Oscar-winning "Good Will Hunting" screenplay, Kimmel took control of the orchestra to play Damon off stage - while he was presenting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

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"The nominees include a story of two brothers - oh my God, you gotta be kidding me," Damon said. "Am I being played off? Seriously? I'm just presenting, you can't play me off."

"Wrap it up, we want to go home," Kimmel said before Damon and Affleck were finally able to announce "Manchester by the Sea" writer Kenneth Lonergan as the winner.

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Watch the "tribute" to above, and for more Damon jokes, watch Kimmel's hilarious opening monologue below.

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